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christmas dirty rhetoric

How can you avoid the annual tinsel-trap of falling headfirst into a pile of Christmas-cliche?

PODCAST #3 - Last Word, First Word

What better way to celebrate the new release of Star Wars, than to make it the focus of this week's podcast! More specifically, the fabulous character, Yoda.

PODCAST #2 Fun Phrase-02

As you begin to play with rhetoric, you'll notice is that it's not just for speaking, but for writing as well. Rhetoric helps you sharpen your message.

What type of presenter are you?
The Dirty Rhetoric Guide to Horrifying Writing

It’s almost All Hallow’s Eve, so what better time for the Dirty Rhetoric Halloween guide to spooktacular writing?

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PODCAST #1 Analogy-BLUE-02

Here in our first Dirty Rhetoric podcast, we're taking a closer look at exactly how Carly Fiorina used analogy in her latest debate.

It's time for Dirty Rhetoric

Your message needs to be the one that’s heard. Your message has to stand-out. Dirty Rhetoric is here to help.