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Does the world really need another blog about PowerPoint?

Yes.  We think so.  We’ve been in the transformation business for over 10 years, helping companies grow.  When we started, frankly, we sucked at PPT. Some of us weren’t too great at presenting either. But – getting ideas across is at the core of consulting, and if you want to help transform your clients businesses, you better be able to get people to change the way they do things.  To do things differently, you have to get people to see things differently.  And to do that – guess what?  You have to be pretty good at PowerPoint.  We’re pretty good at PowerPoint. Making a Powerful Point will be a blog about the lessons we’ve picked up along the way. We have (I think) a pretty good system to build and make presentations.  Our clients certainly like it.

“Really?  A blog?  You do know it’s practically 2012.”  Yes.

Gavin_Animated-GifGavin is a founding partner at fassforward consulting group. He blogs about PowerPoint, Presenting, Communication and Message Discipline at You can follow him on twitter @powerfulpoint.

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