Swiss Party Makes Dislike of PowerPoint a Political Issue | PCWorld

Matthias Poehm on stage holding the seminar 'P...

Matthias Poehm, a former Swiss software engineer in Geneva – So disgusted with PowerPoint he has started his own political party to ban it. Image via Wikipedia

Swiss Party Makes Dislike of PowerPoint a Political Issue | PCWorld.

PowerPoint can’t get a break.  More to add to the growing list of people disgusted with poor old PowerPoint. People seem to fall into two camps. The lovers and the haters. Matthias is a hater, and he’s making it a political issue. The cynics might say it’s a very clever way to market a book on presenting. Clever idea Matthias. Maybe there is room for a PowerPoint lovers party.There is no question people abuse it.  That’s the real problem.  We’ve forgotten how to communicate, and PowerPoint is the victim here.  It’s become a set of training wheels for the PowerPoint illiterati. You know – Thos wot can’t write good, speak good nor draw good pictures – it’s not my fault – it’s PowerPoint.

Let’s not help those people, let’s force them to use PowerPoint.  See more about why people go wrong with PowerPoint.

In contrast, PowerPoint is not the problem, says UK based trainer Phillip Khan-Panni.

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  3. Joseph Lennox, Ph.D. | November 27, 2011 at 8:06 pm

    I’m a PowerPoint user when it comes to presenting large quantities of information to a professional audience capable of receiving it at a fast rate of delivery. The most effective use I’ve made is at scientific meetings.

    When it comes to the classroom, however, I’m a minimalist, using it strictly for drawings and diagrams that would take me far too long to construct. Teaching is optimally promoted via human interaction and dynamic exchange of information. When we remove this element from out classrooms, we do it at the expense of learning.

    PowerPoint is not the demon; what plagues us is the resistance toward building superior oratory skills. When we speak of presenters, in my book that resistance is called “pure laziness.”

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