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INFOGRAPHIC: The Business of Bond

Graphic, Info Graphic. Somehow that’s just not as catchy as Bond, James Bond. As part of Alberto Cairo’s MOOC on infographics I had to do a final project. We do a fair amount of infographic work at the office, but I’ve never actually done one for fun.* The majority of the projects were more laudable and worthy than mine, focusing on world hunger, geopolitics and the like. I picked Bond, ’cause, well I’m a fan, and I had just seen Skyfall, which has gone on to earn an Oscar nod and over $1billion in worldwide box-office.

The graphic explores the business side of the Bond movie franchise, running over 50 years and 23 official movies and 6 different Bond actors. I looked for correlations, thinking perhaps the mashup movie names did better at the box office, (Goldfinger, Thunderball, Skyfall) but Octopussy and Goldeneye ruined that. Perhaps if Bond is more violent he earns more cash? Not really. What about French Bond girls? Do they drum up better business? No….     Here you are.

*To understand fun think without client input.

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