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Justin Foster’s Bacon Coterie: A Taste of Presenter Types

“The world is built around the fact that the people who are good on their feet are the ones that get ahead…That cuts out 60% of the population.”

I’m sure we’ve all felt or seen this in action at one point in our careers. In the interview below, Justin Foster talks to Gavin about how those of us who are introverts, not good on our feet, and break out in cold sweats just thinking about presenting can learn to overcome that. We can do that through knowing our Presenter Type and how to create a compelling message.

Our presenter type represents the way we naturally build presentations and present. Some of us are Storytellers, naturally verbal communicators like Justin, and others are Coaches, Counselors, Teachers, Inventors (like Gavin), and Producers (like myself). These presenter types also play to our natural traits and biases – some are more bias towards words, some more bias toward visuals, and some prefer to work from a structure. This is what we call Words, Picture, Structure. Structure is the bones of your presentation, pictures are what you create in your mind through engagement, and words are the phrasing. Any message you see or hear is composed of these three.

By understanding your presenter type, the path to being a better presenter is a lot simpler. You will know your strengths, and be able to face your weaknesses.


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