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Presenting Better Webinar

When giving a presentation, do you think about who you are presenting to? What’s in a good presentation? (Bullet points don’t count.) What about, how to be a better presenter? “It’s not rocket science” as Gavin says.

The answer to these questions may seem fairly easy, but in fact they require some real thought up front. When thinking of your audience, remember that they want to hear about themselves, not necessarily you. Appeal to their logic, emotion, and self (or “Me” as Gavin calls it). Using words, structure, and pictures in the right way will set you up for a good presentation. Finally, you can become a better presenter by knowing your Presenter Type. Knowing your Presenter Type will make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses and how to best present based on your strengths.

Ultimately, the key to presenting is framing the way people see the world, and moving them to action. You can achieve both of these when you put your best presenting foot forward.

During the webinar, there were a few questions we didn’t have time to answer. Below is one we’d like to address specifically:

Is there any connection between the Presenter Types and being an introvert or extrovert?


We suspect there’s a relationship between the two, specifically with Producers and Inventors. We believe they tend to be more introverted. However, it’s important to understand that we’re talking about introversion in the classic sense (i.e. where you gain your energy from, it’s not about being shy). We also believe that Counselors and Storytellers, because they are naturally verbal, tend to get promoted more easily. We haven’t done enough research on this just yet to prove it, but it’s in the works.

If you missed our webinar, you can view it below.

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