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Dirty Rhetoric Podcast #1 – Analogy

How Carly Fiorina’s Use of Analogy Left Opponents Smelling Fishy

When you want to create both a vivid description and a solid base for a persuasive argument, it’s hard to beat a good analogy.

Here in our first Dirty Rhetoric podcast, we’re taking a closer look at exactly how Carly Fiorina used precisely this skill to make sure the audience understood that when it comes to debate, she’s more of a rhetorical shark than just one more of the floundering political fish!

How did she do it, and what ideas can we all learn for our own presenting and writing?

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Peter WattsPeter is a writer, trainer, and speaker on all aspects of presenting. He coaches business executives on how to be at their best when on their feet.

His blog, The Presenters’ Blog, examines core disciplines of public speaking and looks at how those disciplines are being illustrated by new stories around the world. Follow him @speak2all.

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