PODCAST #2 Fun Phrase-02

Dirty Rhetoric Podcast #2 – Fun Phrase

The art of tweeting like Bernie Sanders

As you begin to play with rhetoric, you’ll notice is that it’s not just for speaking, but for writing as well. Rhetoric helps you sharpen your message. Especially in today’s world of social media when you need quick, attention-grabbing headlines.

Today’s podcast puts Bernie Sanders in the hot seat with his use of Fun Phrase used in his recent tweets. “If a bank is too big to fail, it’s too big to exist.”

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Peter WattsPeter is a writer, trainer, and speaker on all aspects of presenting. He coaches business executives on how to be at their best when on their feet.

His blog, The Presenters’ Blog, examines core disciplines of public speaking and looks at how those disciplines are being illustrated by new stories around the world. Follow him @speak2all.

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