PODCAST #3 - Last Word, First Word

Dirty Rhetoric Podcast #3 – Last Word, First Word

Yoda’s rhetorical techniques

What better way to celebrate the new release of Star Wars, than to make it the focus of this week’s podcast! More specifically, the fabulous character, Yoda. Almost everything Yoda says is an example of rhetoric. We know you’ll be too enthralled during the movie to break out your Dirty Rhetoric cards, so we did some of the work for you. In this podcast, we show you how Yoda uses not one, but four different rhetorical techniques.

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Peter WattsPeter is a writer, trainer, and speaker on all aspects of presenting. He coaches business executives on how to be at their best when on their feet.

His blog, The Presenters’ Blog, examines core disciplines of public speaking and looks at how those disciplines are being illustrated by new stories around the world. Follow him @speak2all.

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