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Dirty Harry speaks to a chair and overnight, Eastwooding enters the vocabulary. Eastwooding is an easy one, like Tebowing.

Blog post FONT CHOICE-01-01

Type is everywhere, including right in front of you. We see it all the time, and you may think you don't pay attention to it.


3 bullets on a slide. 1 slide per minute. Stand Still. Don't fidget, memorize your slides. Now get up in front of a 100 people and do . . .

What type of presenter are you?
After PowerPoint, What's Next - Message and Communication-Slide kloud

Reality and entertainment collided in a fictional 1960 when Don Draper introduced us to the Kodak Carousel.

Become a better presenter
Headlines and Labels Powerful Point

If I could change one thing about PowerPoint for the better, I would remove the "click to add title" and make it "click to add headline."


Excessive squinting, headaches, general irritableness? You may be suffering from PowerPoint Myopia.