About Gavin

Gavin McMahon is a founding partner at fassforward consulting group.  He looks like this picture, but his head is still on his shoulders. Gavin

He is a PowerPoint obsessive, an expert on facilitation and training, who has managed to figure out a way to use PowerPoint to communicate and message very effectively.

He works with Rose, CEO and founder.  Together, they are a pretty good team.  He’s learned a lot from her about presenting, and the power of words.

The official blurb is below:

Gavin is a senior partner and co-founder of fassforward consulting group.  An expert in PowerPoint training and message discipline, Gavin has advised Fortune 100/500 companies on the impact of market changes and their interrelationship with marketing and business strategy.  He brings a unique perspective on growth and innovation, as well as the barriers to achieving desired results in these areas.

Prior to fassforward, Gavin was VP and Director of Web Strategy at Gartner, where he oversaw development of e-business assets in the research and advisory firm’s London and Stamford offices.  Earlier, Gavin worked for McGraw-Hill.  He was a founding member of theLondon Business School’s i:Lab. Gavin wrote the case study “Netscape Communications Corporation” forLondon Business School. He has moderated at conferences such as the global industry conference on Finance and Technology in Geneva, and taught at the Global Information and Telecommunications Industries [GiTi] Executive Program at INSEAD.

A graduate of Great Britain’s Royal Military College at Sandhurst, he served as a platoon commander in the King’s Own Border Regiment.  Gavin has worked in the defense, automotive, publishing and manufacturing industries.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and an MBA in Strategy, Innovation and Information Technology from THESEUS Institute in France.  He is a Sainsbury Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, a member of the ACM, and the Fédération Européenne d’Associations Nationales d’Ingénieurs.