Presenting Better Webinar

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Thanks for joining our webinar! To download the webinar deck, check out our Slideshare page here.


More likely than not, you were taught the “right” way to present; the ONLY way to present. Yet it somehow feels like an unnatural act. The problem is that most people use PowerPoint in a way that exaggerates their weaknesses instead of playing to their strengths.

The secret is that we all present differently.

There are six different presenting styles, and one of them is yours. In this complimentary Presenting Better webinar from Gavin McMahon, learn the right way for you to present. We’ll explore your Presenter Type, and think about how you can not only build better presentations for yourself, but do that for others. Learn how to:

  • Energize your audience
  • Become comfortable with improvisation during Q&A
  • Make explanations of complex diagrams fluid
  • Communicate in the most powerful and direct way

Be sure to take our Presenter Type survey . Knowing your type will help you follow along in the webinar.