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Your ability to write well matters. We write to communicate. Not just emails, business presentations, speeches, marketing copy, and reports.

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A couple of weeks ago, I was a guest on the Rad Presenters podcast. In the episode you’ll hear me discuss Presenter Types.

What type of presenter are you?
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Presenting data effectively changes the kinds of conversations that can happen inside organizations. Better presentations shape an improved culture of decision-making. Let me tell you about a recent example of this.

Become a better presenter
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Numbers are the universal language, but it’s not spoken well. How you present data and information bleeds into everything you do — and it’s far reaching.

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Numbers have power, if you have the courage to use them powerfully. Take these two stories from opposite ends of the 20th Century. The first story is about a man in a steel mill. The second is about the crash of a giant.

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I believe everyone has a great idea. Some, more than one. You may have one great idea a year, or a few every day, but whether that idea lives or dies depends on how well you present it.