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We are all time starved. And yet, we still produce more content. Humans have used technology to adapt to new forms of information production. But we’re not adapting well.


Excel can’t always easily produce the charts you want at the click of a button. Here are 5 great Excel chart tutorials to help you step up your data presentation game.

What type of presenter are you?
Choosing Color-01

Color has a dramatic effect on what we pay attention to and how we make choices. Here’s a quick guide to what to pay attention to in your next presentation.

Become a better presenter
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The jingle that you can't stop humming. The lyric bouncing around in your head. The line of dialogue that makes you gasp, laugh or cry. These words have a profound effect on us.

Pitching Elevators -Blog Post image-01-01

What if you are doing your elevator pitch backwards? This simple formula can transform how you pitch yourself, your idea, your product or your business.

Visual Descriptions blog post image-01-01

Think about any six year old you know, (or have known) and their preference for drawing and doodling. That’s a fancy psychological term for this in adults — the picture superiority effect. Humans are far better at understanding and retaining information if it comes with a picture.