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The State of DATA Storytelling-01

I had the pleasure of attending the tapestry conference last week, organized by tableau. It's the second year of an invite only conference of people who are geeky* about the intersection of data and visualization. This includes journalists, professors, designers and practitioners.

unBORING presentations

There is a short supply of that interest in the world. The sit up and pay attention kind that's an essential ingredient of every successful presentation. How can you take the dry material of your presentation ...

What type of presenter are you?
Human Engineering

Principles of communication and collaboration for engineers, by an engineer. These explain an age old problem for engineeringkind — how to interact with people. Human engineering if you will.

Find out the keys to better presenting
Comparisons speak louder than words

Humans don’t do well with big numbers and abstract concepts. We’re natural organizers and connectors, but when it comes to really big numbers we have a problem. Remember this scene? Dr. Evil: ...

Is your corporate speak filled with jargon monoxide

Being good on your feet, commanding a room, and getting people to follow you, starts with standing up. Then words have to come out of your mouth. But are your words persuasive? Find out how to use ...

Slopegraphs are your friend. Tables secretly hate you.

Hate is a strong word. Since the tables of facts and figures in your business presentation are probably not animate, they're probably not capable of strong emotion. So hate's ...