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Are You Chart Smart? 3 Stupid Charting Mistakes

I'm sure you use a chart or two in your presentations, PowerPoint decks or ops reviews. Maybe you use four or five. If you do, shame on you. But are you making these three common charting mistakes?

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A friend of mine, Keith, is a very polished presenter. He delivers his argument logically, with precision and a great deal of depth. It's rare to hear an ummm, ahhh or other verbal glitch come out of his mouth. By training, he's a lawyer, although now he's the CEO ...


How would you like to come across during a presentation? Check all that apply — Lazy? Safe? Unimaginative? A rule-follower?

What type of presenter are you?

The surest sign your presentation is off to a bad start: You open up PowerPoint and start typing. Rookie mistake.

Blog Post Title Bar, Life of Pie

This is not a story about Richard Parker. This post won't make you believe in God. In fact, it's not about that Pi at all.

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"Ripe. Oaky. Spicy." They're the kind of words that were used to describe white wine in a famous French experiment. That's odd, because they're the kind of words typically associated with Red wines. How did French ...