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After Powerpoint what's next_New Style-01

Author Tony Buzan first wrote about MindMapping back in the '60's. Strangely enough, that's when a fictional Don . . .


If you are a copywriter, a poet or you are working on the next great American novel, please stop reading.

What type of presenter are you-01

I believe everyone has a great idea. Some, more than one. You may have one great idea a year, or a few every day, but whether that idea lives or dies depends on how well you present it.

What type of presenter are you?
WORDS to think twice about - Make a Powerful Point

Once we hit puberty, we seem to go through a transition. We utilize multi-syllabic confabulations to affect perspicacity and intellect*. This continues through university into working life and results in the epidemic known ...

A MOOC & The Functional Art

What the heck, I hear you say, is a MOOC? I have to admit I didn't know either, until I signed up late last year for Alberto . . .

6 steps to message discipline - royal irish rifles ration party, somme 1916

There’s a story about an army regiment on the front lines in the 1st world war. They sent a message back to Headquarters, “send . . .