Is What You Say What People Hear?

In an age of short attention spans, catching eyes, ears, hearts and minds call for a communications strategy shaped by messaging that doesn’t get lost in translation. How you position your vision, strategies, services and products, whether company-wide or to customers, starts with crafting communications that concisely and clearly convey, compel, convince and connect.

You want hard-hitting messages that emotionally draw in your audience and make the most powerful points possible. Those messages have to come alive through captivating visual storytelling. Finally, you need to execute a payoff that combines a structured, stunning deck with a presentation approach that delivers memorable messages and major WOW.

fassforward instructs leaders and function managers on how to develop communication and messaging skills that secures buy-in, motivates staff, creates followings, ignites collaboration and gets customers to act. To learn more, contact Maria Zorzos, Chief Growth Officer, at 914.738.7200.

Messaging & Communications Workshops, Seminars & Master Classes

 Presenter Power – One Day Workshop

Discover Your Presenter Type and the Power Behind it

Anyone can be a more powerful presenter. Let’s start with you. What kind of presenter are you? There are six types and this workshop is designed to diagnose which one you are so you can play to your strengths.

The way you build presentation decks is critical to your presenter type. fassforward focuses presenters on deck slides and talking points that ensure totally authentic presentations. You’ll test drive techniques to step up your confidence, overcome nerves while settling into your comfort zone, and be smoother on your feet. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be presenting more powerful points, more naturally.

You have the power. fassforward will teach you how to present it. To learn more, contact Maria Zorzos, Chief Growth Officer, at 914.738.7200.

 Pitch to Win – One Day Workshop

Avoid Curve Balls When Delivering Sales Pitches

Most pitches go wrong because they work too hard selling “What can I do” instead of “What can I do for you?” Forget focusing on features and benefits. Try a structured approach that’s based on the rational and irrational decisions of sales cycles. fassforward shows sales professionals and entrepreneurs how to win more business by analyzing the anatomy of the pitch.

You know you could sell more with stronger hooks, better timing, and sales pitches that serve up more meat. This structured approach to sales presentations will help you do that by setting the stage for provocative conversations between you and your customers.

Improve your sales team’s win-loss pitching record. To learn more, contact Maria Zorzos, Chief Growth Officer, at 914.738.7200.

 Make a Powerful Point – Two Day Workshop

More Powerful Points = More Powerful Presentations

Are your audiences suffering from death by bullet points? Can your PowerPoint decks be summed up in one word-BORRRRING? Would you like to overcome the perils of PowerPoint-less presentations? It can be done.

This workshop will help you dive deep into delivering impact messages that reel in your audience’s attention while driving action and interaction. Uncover how to frame conversations and opinions, put punctuation marks on them that make your points come across louder and clearer, and drown out the noise created by clutter and repetition.

Transform your PowerPoint presentations and decks from monolog to dialog. To learn more, contact Maria Zorzos, Chief Growth Officer, at 914.738.7200.

 Master Message Discipline – One or Two Day Workshop

Stop Punishing Your Employees with Bad Messaging

Most businesses have a vision and a strategy. The problem: Company-wide, very few actually know how to apply them to what they do everyday. The solution: build a strategic communications platform based on message discipline drivers that clarify leadership and management communications.

fassforward educates Marketing, PR and Internal Communications groups on how to craft messages that translate visions and strategies from the top down through the frontline. Once your team sees how their roles fit in the bigger picture, you’ll get more message traction and results action throughout your organization or market segment.

Master message discipline and start optimizing operational discipline. To learn more, contact Maria Zorzos, Chief Growth Officer, at 914.738.7200.

 Build Your Business Growth Map – Two Day Workshop

Navigate Your Way Past Slow Growth

Your organization’s vision, mission and goals have been established. You’ve got the PowerPoint decks, white papers and strategy-filled folders to prove it. So why aren’t your people acting on it? They need to see the big picture. If you can’t see it, neither can they. By not spelling it out for them with a Growth Map, you’re contributing to your own business slowdown.

In this workshop, you’ll leave with a big picture business Growth Map that aligns your people with your vision and strategy. People need to see and understand exactly where they fit in. Expecting them to execute on strategy isn’t realistic if they don’t. Developing a Growth Map is a smart way to take a stand against slow growth.

Say “No” to slow and grow your business at a faster pace. To learn more, contact Maria Zorzos, Chief Growth Officer, at 914.738.7200.

 Powerful Point Studio Services

Lead, Look, Sound & Present Your Best

Introducing leaders to practical tools and useful techniques for leading and driving change. Creating and designing messaging and visual communications that strengthen connections between companies, their people and their customers. Building powerful presentations and developing authentic presenters. Those are all services fassforward provides, designed to help you, your company and your people push performance, productivity and prospecting to the max.

Do you have an important event, meeting or presentation coming up? Are you looking to capture a strategy, communicate a vision or develop a sales pitch? Is an important conference, shareholders meeting or keynote speech quickly approaching? Learn more about our services for producing: PowerPoint Decks, Explainer Videos, Infographics, Animated Flow Diagrams and executions for many more corporate communications, customer experience and leadership efforts.

To learn more, contact Maria Zorzos, Chief Growth Officer, at 914.738.7200.